Gun Violence

Gun Violence

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Grounding a Teen Experiencing a Flashback

Post Session Interview (English)

Post Session Interview (Spanish)

Isabella, an 18-year-old young adult with PTSD and a regular client of Dr. Gilda Rodriguez, has an intense dissociative reaction after a loudly slamming door triggers a flashback. Dr. Rodriguez helps Isabella cope with her flashback by engaging in a variety of grounding techniques and guides her to recognize the crisis as a trauma-related reaction to an unexpected reminder of witnessing the gun-related death of a close friend. This enables Isabella to process feelings of fear and grief while regaining a sense of being safe in the current moment. In the Case Conference after the session, Dr. Rodriguez talks with colleagues and the social work supervisor at a respite house where Isabella resides. Dr. Rodriguez describes her observations and responses to the intense dissociative reaction experienced by Isabela. Parallels are identified between the grounding techniques Dr. Rodriguez used and the informal but equally important ways in which the social worker interacts with Isabella on a day-to-day basis.

Control and A Gun: Navigating an Acute Stress Event During Developmental Trauma Treatment

Less than a week after Gabby has been involved in a gun-related incident, Dr. Michael Gomez, who is her regular therapist, finds time to see her as quickly as possible. While at first she is reluctant to open up, Dr. Gomez is able to help her detail her emotions after the event and further her into talking about the incident more comfortably. 

Creating an Uplifting Environment for a Teen Needing Control and Support

Joshua was a regular client of Dr. Michael Gomez after a previous incident involving drug abuse and wielding a firearm to rob a convenience store, as well as other parental-related traumas. After Dr. Michael Gomez has to leave the practice and stop seeing his previous client, Joshua begins meeting with Dr. Steve Hydon regularly. This is his first session with his new therapist. After a bit of rapport, it seems like Dr. Hydon is finally getting Joshua to open up to him. Not only does he discuss the previous incident and how he felt, but the feelings of abandonment and disconnection from his father, stepmother, and stepsiblings. Despite a minor instance of Secondary Traumatic Stress, Dr. Hydon is able to make a connection with Joshua in this first session successfully 

Control and A Gun: Navigating An Acute Stress Event During Developmental Trauma Treatment