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A Treatment and Services Adaptation Center in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network

The University of Connecticut Center for Treatment of Developmental Trauma Disorders (CTDTD) brings together developers and disseminators of leading evidence-based child developmental trauma treatments to support providers nationally to achieve competence in the assessment and treatment of children and youth who have experienced developmental traumas such as maltreatment, family or community violence, interpersonal or relational victimization, and separation from or loss of primary caregivers.

The Center’s goal from 2016 through 2021 is to enhance the ability of more than 40,000 peer and professional counselors to treat more than 100,000 children experiencing developmental trauma disorders and their caregivers.

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Annual Reports

Developmental Trauma: Innovations in Conceptualization and Services

  • 2019 Annual Report [Document name: Developmental Trauma Disorders 2019 Annual Update on Innovations in Conceptualization and Services_FINAL]
  • 2018 Annual Report

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