Digital Diaries

Developmental Trauma Disorder

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Helping a Family Cope with the Threat or Revictimization

Michael (12-years old) and Trisha (16-years-old) live with their mother Monica in a single-parent household. Five years ago, their father Neil was incarcerated after violently attacking and nearly killing Monica while the children were upstairs in their bedrooms. Michael and Trisha seem resilient, doing well emotionally, in school, and with peers, but Monica developed panic attacks and nightmares. Monica began therapy with Dr. Taylor two years ago, and her PTSD symptoms had largely resolved until she learned a couple of weeks ago that her ex-husband was going to get released from prison within the next month. Monica and Dr. Taylor jointly decided it would be helpful for the children to learn of their father’s imminent release in a family session with Dr. Taylor, the children’s first meeting with Dr. Taylor.

Digital Diaries: Joshua



In this webinar, we will meet Joshua, a young adult struggling to find his place in the world, and his therapist Dr. Michael Gomez. Feeling like a “loner” most of his life, Josh has faced many difficulties while growing up. In addition to being abandoned by his mother and lacking a connection with his foster mother, Josh also has had a “love/hate” relationship with his father. In spite of this, he still longs to be part of a family and has been trying to reconnect with his father and his father’s new wife and kids (Josh’s half siblings).

Digital Diaries: Samantha

Samantha’s Introduction & Digital Diary Entries

Therapists’ Team Discussion: Samantha


In this webinar, using a new “Digital Diaries” format, we will meet Samantha, a high school student, and her trauma therapist, Dr. Ernestine Briggs-King. During the webinar, we will learn about Samantha’s challenges and struggles, but also her triumphs as she navigates through her traumatic experiences. In a unique approach, Dr. Briggs-King encourages Samantha to complete diary entries, not in the traditional paper and pencil way, but electronically. This affords us the opportunity to be with Samantha as she processes these experiences and discovers incredible strengths she is able to tap into.