In Memoriam: Dr. Maureen Allwood

In Memoriam: Maureen Allwood

It is with great sadness and even greater appreciation that we honor the legacy of Dr. Maureen Allwood, who died suddenly on March 4, 2024. Maureen has been an integral and irreplaceable contributor and founding faculty member for the Center for Trauma Recovery and Juvenile Justice (and Co-Director of CTRJJ from 2016-2022) and the Center for the Treatment of Developmental Trauma Disorders (CTDTD).

As a clinical scholar, translational research scientist, educator, and advocate in the fields of child and adolescent development, traumatic stress, juvenile justice, and on the intersection of historical, racial, ethnic identity-based, and intergenerational trauma Maureen’s groundbreaking work made an indelible impact in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for violence-exposed youth, families, and communities. She brought this wealth of knowledge and depth of experience and commitment to many CTRJJ projects. Of the many superb published contributions that Maureen authored or edited, her pioneering article in 2012 on posttrauma numbing and delinquent behaviors ( and the Special Issue of the Journal of Traumatic Stress on disproportionate trauma, stress, and adversities as a pathway to health disparities among disenfranchised populations ( were especially important in shaping the course of CTRJJ’s work for more than a decade.

As a psychotherapist in practice and clinical supervisor, Maureen was extraordinarily attuned to and able to emotionally reach troubled youth and young adults in crisis. Her skill and sensitivity shown through clearly in two filmed sessions that she did with “Rosa” (an actor as client) for the CTDTD Identifying Critical Moments and Healing Developmental Trauma webinar series in 2019 and again in 2024 (the latter webinar was scheduled to air March 14 but will be re-scheduled for a later date). As a therapist in the heat of the moment with a traumatized young woman, and as a commentator on several other Critical Moments webinars, Maureen brought to life the guiding principles of truly client-centered and collaborative therapy within the frame of evidence-based practice and deep awareness of intersectional impacts of identity, race, and culture.

As several CTRJJ and CTDTD colleagues have expressed, we have no words to fully express this profound loss, and words cannot express what Maureen has meant to us. We will always carry cherished memories of her in our lives and our work.